Our winners and charity donations!

It was with great regret that we had to close the Grand draw early . It proved a bigger challenge than we thought . However as per our terms and conditions we have awarded three cash prizes . We carried out an independently observed cash prize draw on Friday 14th May and are delighted to announce the following winners.

Cat H

"This was wonderful news in some pretty trying times."

Lee J

"When I found out I'd won something I was expecting maybe a couple hundred pounds, certainly wasn't expecting ten thousand. As I have recently moved into my own place for the first time this money will make all the difference."

Melanie T

"I entered the Grand Draw simply to help out one of my local charities Beacon Centre for the Blind in what I know has been a very challenging time for them. During lockdown I often walked past their centre whilst getting a break from working from home, and realised how much they do for vulnerable people in the community. I never for a second thought I stood a chance of winning anything! I am delighted with my prize and more importantly that the charity have benefitted from the Grand Draw. I will definitely be entering again!"

We have also awarded past monthly cash prize winners which equated to a total of £10,000 between January and April. You can see all our past winners here on our winners page.

We have received many questions about how we did overall.  Thanks to everyone that took part in the raffle and despite not awarding  the house we issued 345,663 paid and free tickets in total.  We awarded £20,000 to charities,  paid out £40,000 in cash prizes, and paid £25,000 in technology, advertising, design and marketing costs.

Our Charity Partners

Charities have been very hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, with donations being at record lows.  We are so pleased we have made a donation of £10,000 each to our two charity partners.  We sincerely hope that these donations will go to help their fantastic causes. 

Birmingham Children's
Hospital Charity

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity believes there’s always more it can do for sick kids. It continually strives to be exceptional in raising the vital funds needed to make a real difference to children and their families, because every patient deserves a childhood.

The Beacon Centre For The Blind

The Beacon Centre for the Blind offers care, support and hope for almost 4,000 vulnerable people in the region. Its staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping people with sight loss live fuller, more independent lives.   It has been helping people for more than 145 years in their own homes, in their community and at its centre in the Black Country.

The Grand Draw Update

The organisers of The Grand Draw made the difficult decision to end the competition early.  The lack of any major sales of tickets through covid lock down made it impossible for us to reach our targets to give away the house as a prize.

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions we offered a cash draw as an alternative prize for competition entrants and brought the competition to a close.  The draw has been made, winners have been contacted and have been paid. 

The good news is that with the tickets sold we were also able to make a donation of £20,000 to our charity partners.  We sincerely hope a lot of good can be done with this money.

We want to thank everyone who has taken part in The Grand Draw.